First Person Immigrant Stories

About the Project

Everybody’s from somewhere and everybody has a different story... I think it’s just a matter of sharing them.
— Nabil Valencia, Guatemalan, Colombian, American

We believe

Being American means living in America, regardless of your citizenship status.

Everyone has a story worth telling, whether you are first generation or 12th. 

Diversity makes us stronger, as communities, as cities, as a society and as a country. 

Telling and hearing other people's story can change people's perspective. 

We are all newcomers.


This project started with a simple Facebook post from 2017. “Where did your family immigrate to America from?” - Aundre put up on his feed without much consideration. A few hours & 200+ comments later, it was clear that it touched a nerve.

People gleefully typed succinct responses while others took a moment to ask their parents a bit more about their families past. By nightfall, Aundre was refreshing the post, excited to see what stories came out of it. Natalie, Jose and Vianel were really active on the thread and reached out, expressing interest on turning this into something larger.

Nation of Newcomers is just the beginning. It’s our internet baby that was weaned off of comments and turned into a tangible piece platform we are proud to present to you now. As a nation we claim the immigrant work ethic as central to the American dream, but rarely do we give each other the opportunity to tell the stories of what brought us here.

This is art made from listening. This is art with the purpose of giving context.